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How well do home security signs deter intrusion in Topeka?

August 29, 2022
vivint signage in the front yard next to a black picket fence

Showing a sign with a security logo in clear view can be essential for many home security systems. It warns possible burglars that your home is protected and that they should look a more vulnerable home to strike. However, you shouldn’t depend entirely on a basic bit of signage to dseter intrusion in Topeka. A fully equipped security system should also have additional tools, like surveillance systems, smart locks, and motion sensors.

Yes, home security signs will deter intrusions in Topeka

Numerous studies confirm that security signs are effective when looking at ways to deter an intrusion. The idea is that the prowler will notice the sign and quickly determine that your property isn't worth the hassle. When it comes down to it, why worry about surveillance systems and sensors when they can pivot to a more vulnerable house somewhere else?

With that being said, the same reports show that signage isn’t the most intimidating deterrent to crime. A wisely situated sign primarily puts off novices, but professional criminals will want to find how much security is truly protecting your home before deciding on a different target. Other components, like outdoor video cameras, do a much better job preventing an intrusion.

Top security components that deter intrusion in Topeka

Despite the fact that security signs can help deter intrusion on occasion, they can’t be relied upon as your single security measure. Here are a few additional options that should elevate the protection of your home:

  • Exterior security cameras: Placing a surveillance device underneath a gutter or on the side of the property is more effective than security signs to deter an intrusion in Topeka. This is especially true if the security camera has a ringed light that says that it’s recording

  • Video doorbells: The great thing about a doorbell camera is that it stays in the perfect place, right by your main entryway. An experienced thief also will understand that these units link with your phone through an app.

  • Smart locks: A smart front door lock has a programmable keypad in lieu of a keyhole. These are much harder to circumvent and easier for you to monitor.

  • Smart lighting: The best strategy to deter a burglar is to make it look like you are home. Setting various bulbs to come on when your security camera detects unusual movement helps produce this illusion. You can also place your lights on a schedule to come on at set intervals when you're away from home.

The best deterrent is a smart home security system

When you choose a Vivint home security system, you’ll never have to worry about front yard signs and window stickers being your main security measures. Not only will signage be an aspect of your plan, but you may also get the indoor and outdoor cameras, smart locks, and smart lights that make your home more secure. Simply dial (785) 369-9429 or send in the following form to talk with a security expert.