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Explore the benefits of smart lighting in Topeka

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What do you suppose Thomas Edison would do if he saw modern Topeka smart bulbs? Beginning with his breakthrough in illumination, we currently enjoy home automation systems that allow you to adjust your connected light sources via your smartphone. But before you rush off and acquire the heavily advertised new advancement, expand your knowledge a bit, so you understand what you're trying out.

Choose the platform you already have in your home

Numerous home automation configurations work with several different platforms that can manage your smart lighting in Topeka, but it might be best to go with something you’re familiar with . For instance, if you own an Android smartphone, you might favor a system that supports Google. You could also go with Amazon Alexa which gives you the ability to use voice controls with your device. Of course, if you install a Vivint home security system, your app for controlling your smart lights will be available on Google, Apple, and Amazon's platforms.

Do you need a smart hub?

You have the option of buying a couple bulbs that link smoothly with your home’s existing platform, but you will forgo several safety and convenience advantages. Vivint’s Smart Home Automation is able to integrate into your home’s security when you require the most from your smart lighting in Topeka.

You will find it worthwhile to link with a hub system and join your lights with a doorbell camera, window sensors, along with your other security and automation components. As a result your lights may be set up to automatically illuminate if one of your home’s video cameras detects questionable activity. You might also enjoy having your lights turn off while your security alarms arm at night.

Customize a schedule for your Topeka smart lights

The option to customize a unique schedule is a nice advantage of smart lighting. Virtually all smart lighting can be administered in various manners, providing you the ability to turn them on or off when you want. You are also able to have them run on a timer, activate them based on daybreak and sundown, or create various personalized schedules to fit your unique requirements. When using the Vivint home automation and security app, you can instruct your smart lights to do what you like and when the time is right, including lowering or illuminating according to a fixed plan.

Smart lighting is affordable and lowers your energy bill

Long-lasting LED smart bulbs lower your energy usage much more than what you used before and aren't hot to the touch. You can save even more money on utilities by utilizing a smart hub, motion detection capabilities, the Vivint smartphone application, or integrating with other smart home elements. You then end up creating a unique lighting configuration within your own home that uses and saves energy like you’ve never thought possible.

Then expand beyond smart lighting

The beauty of the Vivint smart home solution is it’s all-encompassing, including not only smart lighting but doorbell cameras, smart locks, inside and outside surveillance, smart thermostats, garage door controls, and many other features. If you have complete control of your home security and automation, your home becomes more secure.

Explore Topeka smart lighting from Vivint

When upgrading your standard lighting to powerful smart lights, you should check out what Vivint will do for your property. Our smart home system can make your home a safer and more efficient place while optimizing your day-to-day life. Just call (785) 369-9429 and start customizing your smart home today!